Shaping orthopedics - The potential of population-based 3D modeling

Oct 25, 2022 — Oct 28, 2022
Berlin, Germany

The shape of any part of the human body tends to vary significantly in any given population. Statistical Shape Models (SSM) can represent the statistical dependencies of these anatomical variations. SSMs have proven useful in a surprisingly large number of orthopedic use cases in areas like orthopedic diagnosis, 3D surgery planning, individual implant design as well as medical product layout planning.

We are hosting a lunch seminar at DKOU Berlin on Friday, October 28 from 1 to 2 pm with some of our partners and customers! In this lunch seminar we will explain how SSMs help in these areas and what benefit they bring and look into six innovative use cases in which SSMs were brought to bear.

Find out how B. Braun Gruppe, Tactile Orthopaedics , Osgenic, Simq GmbH and 1000shapes help shaping the digitalization in orthopaedics, with the potential of population-based 3D-modeling, simulations, digital and physical anatomical training models, digital surgery planning and how clinical partners as Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin support us in our vision!

Hans Lamecker
Hans Lamecker
Managing Director

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