Image Processing


CT is applied in a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications: infarction, tumors, calcifications, haemorrhage and complex bone trauma, especially around joints, acute and chronic changes in the lung or liver parenchyma, pulmonary embolism, cardiac and abdominal diseases. Such applications put highly different requirements on the image processing tasks. These range from qualitative visualizations, which make little assumptions on the underlying medical application, up to highly detailled quantitative analyses for specific therapeutical intervention planning, e.g., for localization of tumors and risk structures in radiation therapy or design and optimization of patient-specific surgical procedures and devices. Such ventures require accurate 3D geometric anatomical models to be generated and have enormous potential for improving the patients’ health.

MATHEON - Mathematics for Key Technologies (P. Deuflhard et al., eds.), EMS Publishing House, pp. 359-376, 2014
Hans Lamecker
Hans Lamecker
Managing Director

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