A System for Unsupervised Extraction of Orthopaedic Parameters From CT Data


The request for software assistance is increasingly gaining importance inthe field of orthopedic surgery. In the near future more people will need implants,which have to last longer. New developments in computer assisted therapy planningpromise to significantly reduce the number of revisions and increase the longevity ofan implant. For example the computation of the functional outcome of a total knee re-placement by prediction of kinematics may provide important guidance during surgery.Speed, accuracy and as little manual interaction as possible are the key factors to makethose new developments available to the clinical routine. To reach this goal we presenta software assistant for the reconstruction of individual anatomical models (e.g. geom-etry and landmarks) from medical image data, which is an essential step in this effort.We will present and discuss present and future application scenarios.

GI Workshop ‘Softwareassistenten - Computerunterstützung für die medizinische Diagnose und Therapieplanung’, pp. 1328-1337, 2009
Hans Lamecker
Hans Lamecker
Managing Director

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